TTFA Creed

We believe in the principle of the family unit because of the collective strength that family members derive from the encouraging words, unselfish deeds, and mutual pride that each passes to the other.

We believe in a good-neighbor principle that will cause our fellow humans to look upon this family as dependable and caring neighbors not only in time of crises, but in our daily contact.

We believe that fidelity, honor, and integrity are embedded in our heritage and that we must leave to our children the same heritage.

We believe that hard work and recreation are two of the main essentials to mental and physical well being and that laughter and the ability to joke about ourselves will enrich our lives and endear us to those with whom we work and play.

We believe that our destiny in life is in our own hands and that we have the ability and, indeed, the obligation to shape the form of things around us in such a way that our families can cope with the stresses of the society in which we live.

The social and moral character of our people means far more to each of us than their financial or educational status and, although we believe education to be a necessity in today’s world for our young family members, we must never permit money or education to become the yardstick with which we measure our family ties.

We believe that a modicum of fate, perhaps induced by divine intervention, is responsible for kindling the family spirit that we have witnessed emerging since the formation of the Towry/Towery Family of America and we applaud our family for their willingness to give so unselfishly to this undertaking.

And, finally, we believe that the Towry/Towery Family of America provides the best forum, within the family as a whole, to help keep our name and that of our children a respected household word in the communities in which we live throughout this nation.