The TTFA has created a numbering system for our genealogy which also doubles as our membership number. Edward and George are first Tow’e’ry ancestors we can find. Since Edward is oldest, he becomes 1 and George becomes 2. Their children are then added after as the next number. For example, George’s oldest child, John Adam Towery, becomes 2-1. John Adam Towery’s oldest child, John Towery, becomes 2-1-1 and so on.

Select one of the brothers below to begin looking at the first 3 generations of the Tow’e’ry family. If you need help finding where you fit in, contact us with the information you know (e.g. your name, parent’s names, grandparent’s names, etc.). We will be happy to help you. We do ask that you help us in return by updating our family charts and giving us information about your portion of the genealogy. Update your charts by completing a genealogy chart update form.

1 - Edward's Genealogy

See the first 3 generations of people under Edward and Elizabeth

2 - George's Genealogy

See the first 3 generations of people under George and Lide/Lydia