Our History

The Towry/Towery Family of America was formed in the summer of 1980 with a handful of cousins participating. Currently we have over 400 dues paying members and we continue to grow. One member is with the U.S. Embassy in South Africa; one is a diplomat in Belgium; one is a Pulitzer Prize winner. We have been recognized by presidents and their wives as well as senators, governors, and congressmen. All of this in recognition of this family’s outstanding efforts in promoting family values — an endeavor in which we take justifiable pride. We are an incorporated, non-profit organization governed by a president, president-elect, a twelve member board of directors and a Board of Trustees. We pay no salaries and grant no expense account to anyone. What we do is strictly volunteer and strictly for “the love of the family.” The Tow’e’ry family love is unique in its feeling that, if you are a Tow’e’ry you are a cousin, no matter how many “times removed” you are!!

We publish a family magazine which is distributed to our TTFA members in 50 states as well as South Africa and Belgium. We are proud of the fact that our magazine has been described by other organizations as one of the best in the country. These magazines are also distributed, free of charge, to any cousin who cannot afford the TTFA membership dues of $15.00 per year.

We recently published the 3rd edition of our Family Cookbook for publication and have had the honor bestowed upon us of having our past First Lady, Barbara Bush, submit her favorite recipe for publication, plus a letter written by her is used in our cookbook forward.

We hold National Reunions every two years. As soon as one reunion is set, our Reunion Site Committee begins to seek out the best location for the next reunion.

The ultimate goal of the Towry/Towery Family of America is to provide the present-day families with the opportunity of knowing their fellow relatives and to leave a written family historical record that our future generations can be proud of. We wish to leave an image for our children and succeeding generations of a people worthy of their love, admiration and emulation.

For history on the Tow’e’ry family go to the Tow’e’ry History page. For the first 4 generations of the Tow’e’ry family go to the Genealogy page.